Frequently Asked Questions Laser Cladding

What is Laser Cladding?

Laser Cladding is a metal surface enhancement process
per- formed by applying a powdered metal material onto
the base surface with a laser. It ensures a bond with
minimal dilution, superficial melting, and a small heat
affected zone.

What are some common synonyms for Laser

Direct Laser Deposition (DLD), Direct Metal
Deposition (DMD), Laser Hardfacing, and Laser

What is a Laser?

A LASER (Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of
Radiation) is an optical source that emits photons in a
coherent beam. Laser light is typically nearmonochromatic, i.e., consisting of a single wavelength or hue, and emitted in a narrow beam.

How are cladding materials chosen?

Cladding materials are determined based on a
thorough analysis of the application and environment
in which it will serve. We consider corrosion, wear,
and other mechanical properties depending on the

What is Substrate?

A term used in materials science to describe the base
material on which processing is conducted to produce a
new film or layers of material such as deposited

Can you control the thickness of metal applied to
the part?

Yes, through precise control of the cladding
parameters, we can apply your desired as cladded
thickness with a tolerance of ±0.125 mm ( ±0.005 in).

Are Laser Cladding coatings machinable?

Yes, parts can also be finished with a lathe, mill or
ground to precise finishes.

What type of bond does laser cladding have with
the base material?

Laser cladding provides a metallurgical bond with the
base material

What is Dilution?

This is defined as the amount of intermixing of the clad
and substrate materials. Low dilution means there is
very little of the base material mixed with the coating,
leaving a surface layer of cladding that is very close to
the pure clad material. This results in material
properties that are not compromised and the full effects
of the clad can be achieved in a single layer.


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